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About Us

Chiropractor Hamburg

Visit us at Chiropractic Health Center of Hamburg!

Dr. Peter Karas has been providing gentle effective chiropractic care for families in Hamburg and the surrounding communities since 1987. The Chiropractic Health Center of Hamburg is located in an old colonial style house that dates back to the 1800s. “I chose this house for its convenient location at the intersection of Rt. 94 and Rt. 23″ The house is a blend of the old with the new where patients can feel comfortable and at home.

Our mission is to keep as many people out of surgery and off of pain medication as we possibly can.

Drug-free, Surgery-free Family Health Care

The Chiropractic Health Center of Hamburg approach to reducing your pain and improving your health is simple. We don’t stop at just the chiropractic adjustment. We show you how to stretch and strengthen your spine, how to eat correctly as well as how to lift, reach, sit and sleep so your injury has a better chance to heal and get stronger. “I call it The Momentum Shift when a patient in pain starts showing up for their appointments with a smile on their face as they shift from pain to healing.”

Solutions for Injury and Wellness

Dr. Karas has dedicated himself to learning new methods and adding new therapy treatments to help his patients. This includes Cox Flexion Distraction technique, Spinal Decompression Traction, ultra sound, gua-sha, exercise and nutrition, even adding massage therapy with his daughter Ashley. Some patients that have not been helped with medicine, physical therapy, exercise and even chiropractic in the past have gotten relief with his help.

Chiropractic care mobilizes the joints of your spine reducing pain and stiffness and then the healing begins.

X-ray facilities are located on-site if needed for your convenience. Get started improving your health and reducing your pain by scheduling an appointment today!


Chiropractic Health Center of Hamburg | (973) 827-8150