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Cox Flexion Distraction

A Chiropractic Technique Designed For Your Comfort

Dr Karas of Chiropractic Health Center of Hamburg using the Flexion Distraction Chiropractic Technique to adjust a patient.

Dr. Karas adjusts a patient using the Cox Flexion Distraction technique.

Cox Flexion Distraction Technique is a form of spinal manipulation using a specially designed treatment table developed by Dr. James Cox. The flexion and distraction help relieve patient’s back pain and stiffness. It is used to treat a herniated or bulging disc, facet syndromes, sciatic and spinal stenosis.

Dr. Karas has found over his career that some patient’s low backs are just too “locked up” for the spinal adjustment or Spinal Decompression Therapy. For these patients he has found that the Cox Distraction table allows him to manually stretch the patient, generating that much needed mobility back into their spine.

How It Works

The patient is positioned face down on the table. The doctor gradually lowers the bottom half of the table. A downward and side to side motion is applied to the spine, manually stretching the patient. It is the same type of passive stretch you see sports trainers apply to athletes before a competition. The patient and the doctor can feel the spinal range of motion increase as the back is slowly stretched.
This is a technique Dr. Karas has been using very effectively in his office for many years. In fact it is the technique Dr. Karas’s chiropractor uses on him before his adjustment.

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